How to Play Teen Patti?

In South Asia and India, Teen Patti is a game that is commonly played. It requires players to think strategically to win. The game’s rules state that the objective is to create the most number of three-card combinations to win the pot. The card deck for this game is 52.

The rules for Teen Patti are similar to those used in poker games. Ideally, it should be played by four to seven players. The goal is to make the best possible teen patti hands to win the pot. Before the game begins, each player receives three cards.


The objective of Teen Patti is to create the highest-ranking card combination to win the pot. Throughout the game, the participants try to increase their earnings to secure the top prize. The player with the best combination after the end of the session wins the pot.

3 Patti Rules for Shuffling and Dealing

Before the game begins, the dealer shuffles the card deck. Each participant then sets their boot amount into the pot. After that, the dealer hands three cards to each of the players. Since the cards are dealt face-down and the players cannot see them immediately, they are dealt in a clockwise direction.

Betting Procedure Rules of Teen Patti

Teen Patti

The game is played in a clockwise manner, with the participant at the left of the dealer placing their bets according to their strength. The participants have the option to bet either blind or after seeing their cards. If they decide to fold, their contributions to the pot will be forfeited.

Teen Patti Rules for Blind Player

When a player decides to play as a blind player, they are prohibited from looking at their cards. Bets must equal the total amount of the pot, and those of blind players should not exceed twice the boot. If a player is the first one to bet 20Bet, their bet should be equal to the boot.

The pot’s stake amount is determined by the amount of money that the blind player has placed in it. The next player can either exceed or match the bet’s value. The sight players have to bet double the stake amount.

Teen Patti Rules for Seen Player

As per the Teen Patti rules for players who are seen, they can play sideshow, chaal, fold, or show. Those who want to continue playing after viewing their cards must first play chaal.

When a player plays chaal, they must bet at least two to four times their current stake. Bets must equal the total amount of the pot, and those of blind players should not exceed twice the boot. If the previous player is a blind player, their bet will become the stake amount.

Main Bet Options

Teen Patti

The players must place their Main bet before the dealer hands out any cards. The two main bet options are the Blind and the Ante. The players on the left side of the dealer are the ones who have to bet the Blind.

In Teen Patti, there are also side bets that can be made, which are substitutes for the blind and the ante. The stakes for these bets are typically bigger than for the main options. Every participant may make a side bet regardless of their rank.

Side Bet options

While the main bet is made on the outcome of a hand, players can also make side bets depending on its possible outcomes. For example, if there are straight or flush cards, players can bet on the side bet.

What is a high card in 3 patti?

A high card is a type of 3 patti hand that ranks lowest in the chart of teen patti rules. It features three cards that do not belong to any of the other 3 patti hands. The strength of this hand is determined by the card that the highest player has in it.

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