Armenia’s rising stars in poker

Poker is booming around the world, and Armenia is no exception. The country has produced some remarkable talents in recent years.

They attract attention nationally and also on the global stage. Today we take a look at Armenia’s emerging poker culture. We look at which stories are taking the industry by storm. As Armenians have proven, it can be a legitimate hobby and passion. If you’re good enough, you can capitalize on it too.

Local casinos

Many of Armenia’s celebrities started their careers in their local arcades. Places like Shangri La Casino and Senator Golden Palace are breeding grounds for talent.

They provide a platform for people to sharpen their skills. They serve as learning centers where experienced people pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

Why is the culture there so strong?


The gambling culture in Armenia is strong. This is partly due to the social and economic structure of the country. Here it is often viewed as a form of entertainment. But it also offers the opportunity to improve income.

In addition, the government has liberalized the sector, which has led to a boom in arcades. This development has created an environment in which it is not only accepted but also encouraged. Other reasons could be:

  • It is increasingly seen as a possible career path for many young Armenians.
  • Online poker platforms allow people to compete anytime, anywhere from all over the world.
  • There is also a strong and supportive community. There are numerous clubs and online forums where ideas are exchanged and strategies are discussed.

Edgar Mkrtchyan – A name that makes waves

Let’s start with Edgar Mkrtchyan, a player who is gaining more and more recognition in the community. He has achieved considerable success in various European tournaments.

He is also established as one of Armenia’s most promising talents. His ability to master complex moves and remain calm even under pressure has made him known worldwide.

Other notable talents


In addition to Mkrtchyan, there are other rising stars in Armenia who are achieving considerable success. Artur ‘Art’ Papazyan is another name known in circles for his skills and achievements. He has achieved several notable results and is recognized for his strategic manner.

Although primarily known for his career as a football player, Henrikh Mkhitaryan has also shown an interest in poker. His fame in other areas brings him attention in the scene. Even if he is not known as a professional.

Future forecasts

The investments in local infrastructure and the promotion of sport suggest that we will be hearing even more from Armenia in the coming years. The future there looks bright.

The poker landscape in Armenia is vibrant and constantly growing. Beginnings in local arenas, coupled with a strong fan culture, paved the way for the emergence of these talents.

Mkrtchyan and his colleagues are living proof that with dedication and hard work anything is possible. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

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